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We have started to get started with dog massages again, so send in a message of interest if you are interested.

Dog massage

ice massage

If you have an older dog, it can feel better both physically and psychologically from getting a massage. It releases endorphins and makes a stiff and elderly body softer and more flexible. 

Even stressed and nervous dogs can need help to relax and have a quiet moment, and a relaxing massage is fantastic.

A massage is just as good for us humans as it is for dogs and can help the dog relax and feel better, especially older, stressed and overactive individuals. 

Cecilia is both a certified dog masseur and a certified dog physiotherapist. 

We come to your home and massage.

500 sec for 45-60 minutes

Mileage compensation is included within central Sundsvall. If you live more than 10 km from the center of Sundsvall (Gustaf Adolf's church), a mileage allowance of 50/mile is added for time and fuel.

What happens in the body when the dog gets a massage?

* It increases blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen are transported more easily to muscles, connective tissue, bone tissue and internal organs and also causes the muscles to relax. 
* Massage makes the healing process go faster if you have a damaged muscle or tendon. 

* Blood pressure is lowered because the muscles relax and the blood can circulate more easily. 

* Massage releases oxytocin, a calmness hormone that acts in the parasympathetic nervous system, and also affects secretion and the immune system. 

* It also affects the lymphatic system which cleans out waste products and is an important part of the immune system. 

* Massage contributes to stimulating the synovial fluid and makes the bones of the skeleton slide more easily against each other and adds oxygen and nutrition to the joint cartilage.

Why do I like massage?

This quiet and pleasant moment together with the dog makes you relax and I think it also affects your own oxytocin. Seeing the dog relax and really enjoy it is amazing. Sometimes it takes longer for some dogs to relax and then you have to give them time. Some don't want to lie down, so you have to adapt the movements and make sure the dog thinks it's ok. It is always according to the dog's terms and sometimes it takes a few times for the dog to understand that it is something good to do. If a dog is in pain, it may find it very difficult in the exact place where the pain is, and instead you have to massage other parts of the body at first, which also helps. 

I usually think about how you feel when you get a massage and that the body sometimes needs a little help when it is a little tired and stiff. As I said, you become more alert and if you have pain, it usually subsides after a while. 

We do NOT massage at:

- fever, infections or inflammations

- Wounds or bleeding

- Eczema or other skin conditions with fragile or damaged skin

- Pregnant animals

- Acute muscle or skeletal injuries

- Impaired general condition

- Tumor diseases (unless vet has approved before)

- Infectious diseases

If you are unsure whether your dog can receive a massage, consult a veterinarian first. 

Expression of interest

We will keep in touch!

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